Blues Brothers Guide Service was founded by Zakk Royce and Zac Zajac in the fall of 2015.  Zakk and Zac are two friends who love fishing so much they wanted to share their experience with others.  With this goal in mind they started the business.  Shortly after opening the guide service Zakk Royce caught consecutive North Carolina state record blue catfish on December 20th and December 21 of 2015.  The first record on December 20th was certified at 91 pounds breaking the old North Carolina record of 89 pounds and was released alive back where it was caught.  On the next day, December 21, Zakk caught a certified 105 pound blue catfish that toppled his record from the day before and was also released alive.  This gave the guide service the boost it needed and Zakk and Zac continue to show their customers how to catch monster catfish!  Book a trip today to see how it's done!

Zakk Royce with his NC record from 2015


Zakk is our full time guide and co-owner and is usually able to do a trip any day of the week. 

Zac Zajac


Zac  is our part time guide and co-owner and usually schedules trips on Friday and Saturday.

Austin Sartin 


Austin is our newest member to the team and runs most of our trips from Kerr Lake.

About Us

We are your #1 blue catfish guide service for Lake Gaston.  Bait and equipment are provided. You will be enjoying your guide trip on one of our two new Carolina Skiff 218 DLVs.  Come and enjoy a day with us on beautiful Lake Gaston!

Blues Brothers Guide Service, LLC

810 Willie Gray Road

Timberlake, NC 27583

Tel: (919) 724-2474